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Palm Kernel Oil Statement


Custom Choc currently purchases palm kernel oil from a European-owned company which has refineries all over the world. It is arguably the number-one palm kernel producer for both quality and volume. This organisation operates sustainable palm plantations in Malaysia and is at the forefront of “Certified Sustainable”. It is a member of RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) and all their oils are produced according to RSPO principles.


“Certified Sustainable” Cocoa Butter Substitute (CBS), or palm kernel oil, will be available in the near future. Custom Choc will use this ingredient in the manufacture of compound chocolate. It should be noted, there are no alternative oils to make compound chocolate. Only palm kernel oil will set or harden in the correct polymorphic or crystalline form.


Please note that the Green Palm.org website states that; “Green Palm is a certificate trading programme which is designed to tackle the environmental and social problems created by the production of palm oil.” Also “Green Palm” and “Green Palm Brokerage” are trading names of a company which is a wholly owned subsidiary of our supplier.



Environment and Social Responsibility


Custom Choc recycles all waste paper, card board and plastic packaging. The volume of general waste is exceptionally low.


Custom Choc is very conscience of water use and has extremely water low consumption, compared with most manufacturing businesses.


Custom Choc is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Custom Choc has a robust, efficient and up-to-date OH&S system.



Warning – Our chocolate should be eaten in moderation, just not too much moderation!

Australian Owned HACCP Accredited
Custom Choc is a wholesale supplier only. Minimum order of 1 tonne. HACCP CODEX Accredited Certificate No: HCV00341